Exploring Membership at Calvary Assembly

We think it’s a great thing to believe in God. We also think it’s a great thing to belong to a church family. Learn more about why we value membership at Calvary Assembly.

Why become a member?

It helps you to grow as a genuine believer

It is a way to move your faith from thoughts and words to acts that give powerful evidence that you believe.

It provides a spiritual family to support and encourage you

Life is filled with challenges and trials. You don’t have to walk through those situations alone.

It gives you a place to discover and use your gifts in ministry

God has invested a treasure in you. It’s possible you don’t know what it is yet. Or, maybe you simply don’t know how to use your gifts to make a difference in our world. There are opportunities to figure it out here.

It places you under the spiritual protection of godly leaders

The leadership team at Calvary is committed to covering our church family in prayer and helping our church family experience authentic relationship with God.

It provides the kind of accountability necessary for growth

This is not a control thing; it is a process where you stop pretending you are perfect. Instead, you acknowledge your challenges and deal with them. This is how you grow in your faith.

What to expect in our Exploring Membership class

When we meet

We offer our Exploring Membership class about once every three months. The class takes place on a Saturday morning or Sunday evening and lasts about three hours. Breakfast or dinner is provided.

What we talk about

Pastor Bob leads the class and explains our core values, as well as what our staff, elders and council team are responsible for. The class is engaging and interesting. You’ll have a few breaks and you’ll meet some new people.

Then what?

You will have an opportunity to choose to become a member. Council team reviews the application, and within a few weeks we share our new members with the rest of our church family.

Come as you are. You don’t have to dress up or pretend like you have it all together. We will meet for 65 minutes and in that time we will sing some songs about God’s love, have an engaging teaching that will encourage and challenge you, and participate in prayer that inspires you.

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