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Learn about opportunities to serve at Calvary Assembly.

Impressions Team

Every Sunday is someone's first Sunday. Our welcome team creates excellent environments that exceed our guests' expectations of hospitality. Our goal is to be a church that unchurched people love to attend and share Jesus' love with everyone.

Welcome Teams

Welcome Desk
First time visitors and long-time attenders have questions.  We're here to help.  Answer questions and help people sign-up for events and ministries.
Contact: Christine Foss

Parking Team
How are they going to get to be a part of our service if they can't find a spot to park?  Help manage and maintain a safe and easily navigated parking lot and greet people as they arrive.
Contact: John Abarca

Hospitality Team
At Calvary, we provide food and coffee so families can get to church without having to worry about breakfast at home.  And every donut, bagel and cup of coffee is an opportunity our people have to have conversations that deepen their relationships to each other and Jesus.  Our hospitality team keeps our food and coffee tables clean and full.
Contact: Scott Kobel

Greeting Team
Our greeters and ushers help create a warm and welcome environment at our Sunday services and special events.  Make sure everyone is greeted warmly, given bulletins and answer any questions they have or direct them to the Welcome Desk.
Contact: Morgan Longabaugh

Cleaning Team
Our cleaning team creates a polished and beautiful space for connections to occur and faith to grow. When our building is clean, people can feel at home in church and focus on what God is showing them.
Contact: Jessica Person

Provisions Teams

Communion Team
Remembering all that Jesus has done (and is doing) for us and sharing His grace together is important. Our team needs people to prepare communion ahead of time and have it set-up for each service.  We also need people willing to distribute communion during service and to retrieve used communion cups after communion is complete.
Contact: Mary Otto

"Casserole Patrol"
Life can be chaotic after the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. This team provides ready-to-serve meals during people's chaotic seasons.  Visiting and feeding people during life's storms is a great way to connect and show the love of Jesus.
Contact: Libby Waterman

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Communications Team

Helping to enhance the story of what God is doing among and through us.

Contact: John Iacucci

Storyteller Teams

Graphic Arts Team
Engaging events require engaging visuals. If you know basic photoshop, this could be the spot for you.

Photography Team
For the person who loves transforming great moments into great memories.  Help us capture the moments that will share what an amazing place God has made Calvary Assembly.

Video Filming and Edition
Creating engaging video content for Social Media and our website helps people experience the environment and culture of Calvary when they can't be here themselves.

Stories Team
A new team to help facilitate people's stories of God at work and His faithfulness.  God is giving everyone a story to tell, and we want to help every story reach as many people as possible.

Live Stream Team

Production and Web Team
Our Live Stream service allows people to experience services to see if they might like to visit. Out of town family also get to see important faith moments in relatives lives. Our production team is responsible for maintaining a technically-smooth and visually-engaging experience for watchers.

Camera Operator
How can the people watch a baptism if the camera is pointed at a drum set? We need you to keep an eye and the camera on the action that viewers will be most engaged by.

Online Team

Website Team
Did you visit a website at some point this week? So did everybody else. Make sure people visiting this site have an easy and error-free experience. Word processing skills are all it takes to join.

Social Media Team
Today most people communicate and stay up-to-date through any number of social media apps and websites. We are excited about engaging our church family and everybody they know through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

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Our kids ministry cares for the most precious gift Jesus has given to us: his children. Our goal is to go above and beyond to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages our kids to grow in their faith in Jesus.

Contact: Steve Otto

Sunday Volunteers

We're looking for friendly, fun and energetic adults to love our kids by teaching them to recognize and know Jesus. Sunday morning classes are roughly 45-minutes long, and lesson material and resources are always provided.

Helper / Assistant
It's a big job keeping a classroom full of kids under control. Much less getting them engaged and excited about Jesus and His Word. Our teachers need helpful and attentive classroom assistants to create the safest environment for fun and learning.

Wednesday Night Volunteers

Brigade Commander
Boys can be wild, energetic and unruly. Every Wednesday at Brigade, the commanders graciously and patiently lead games, activities and lessons that engage our boys (and their wild nature), teaching them truth from scripture and how to become strong in their faith. Resources, Snacks, lesson and game guides are always provided.

Sacred Girls Teacher
Our Sacred Girls ministry engages our daughters in activities, games, crafts and lessons that build up their faith in Jesus and confidence in who God created them to be. Sacred Girls Teachers speak the truth of God's word into the young ears of our girls, and become long-term voices in their lives. Resources, snacks, lesson and game guides are always provided.

Flexible and Seasonal Roles

Check-In Welcome Team
Little is more important to a parent than knowing your child is safe. Our check-in system helps parents know that they are in control of who will interact with their kids, and where they will be. Helping new parents sign-up and visitors know where to go and what to expect keeps our ministry and church growing.

SportsCamp Volunteer
rCalvary Kids spends each summer teaching kids about team-work, skills and Jesus through sports. We need people regardless of their knowledge about sports to lead activities, run the check-in table, prepare and provide snacks and lead songs. All for the sake of our kids and their friends learning about the greatest super-star of all: JESUS!

Christmas Play Team
We love Christmas time at Calvary. One of the best parts of Christmas is our Children's Christmas play. It takes a lot of volunteers to help pull off this great demonstration of God's love for the world. Helping the kids produce this play helps the message of the Gospel reach family members with truth of Jesus' Birth who might not give thought to God at any other time of the year.

Events Volunteer
Every year our ambition to connect children to Jesus gives us new ideas for events and special activities. At the Daddy/Daughter event this past year we built a castle in our auditorium. What new idea will we have this year? It won't matter if you're not there to help us pull it off.

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Second Student Ministries

Empowering confidence in students to live out their faith outside of our walls.

Contact: Steven Nichols

Sunday Morning

Teenagers are searching for identity and purpose and our Sunday morning classes help them discover a God who never stops loving them. If you love teenagers and the Bible, bring your best to our Sunday morning teaching team. Teaching curriculum resources are always provided.

Teacher Assistant
We want to connect teenagers to as many caring adults who love Jesus as possible. Sundays are a great time for you to sit alongside students and engage the lesson with them. Help the teacher maintain a positive teaching environment and get to know our amazing students better.

Wednesday Night Volunteer

Wednesday Youth Leader
The family that plays and prays together, stays together. We have a ton of students coming to Second eager to have fun, feel like their part of the family and engage with God. What better way to introduce them to Jesus than by connecting them with caring adults who show they are real people, dealing with real life issues, trying to live out real faith.

Small Group Leaders
It takes a lot of influence to turn a teenager into a God-chasing, Jesus-loving, Spirit-led adult. A small group leader will end up becoming one of the most influential people in a teenagers life. Lead a small group of teens as they engage with the evening's message and share personal hopes and struggles.

Embers Worship Assistant
Engaging God through musical worship is one way a lot of teens open themselves up to God. Our student-led worship band, Embers, needs talented and encouraging helpers to prepare and practice alongside them.

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Service Teams

Our service ministry teams enjoy doing behind-the-scenes work to serve the church.  The expertise and help provided in these areas save the church thousands of dollars each year and allow people to use their gifts for God.

Contact: Phil LePore

Special Skills Teams

Did you work at paychex after college?  Did you work construction for a summer job?  Did your dad make you learn how to change your own oil?  If you have acquired a particular set of skills, we would love to see those skills put to work to bless the community in and around Calvary.  There are families living near our church in need of your skills, and God is able to use your service to open doors to share God's love and the gospel of Jesus.

We're looking for people with the following skills...
- Carpentry
- Construction
- Electrical
- Financial Counseling
- Meal Preparation and Delivery
- Oil Change and Auto Maintenance
- Plumbing

Helping Hands

If you've got time, can follow direction and are willing to help, there are a ton of ongoing projects and maintenance needs in our church and at the homes of people we know and love. Who doesn't have a room in their house that could use a coat of paint? How many people feel shut into their homes during the winter because they can't get snow shoveled or plowed? Volunteer and bless somebody with your time and energy.

We need individuals and groups willing to tackle jobs like...
- Cleaning and Maintenance
- Lawn/Environment Care
- Office Support
- Painting
- Reception
- Room Set-up
- Snow Removal

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Groups Ministry

Helping individuals to be better connected to God and better supported by each other.

Contact: Jonathan Sigmon

Prayer Team

Our online prayer team is committed to bringing the praises and requests of Calvary's people before God in prayer. People who visit our online "Prayer Wall" or fill out a prayer request on their welcome card on a Sunday morning can be sure that this team of dedicated people will be praying for God's generosity and power to invade their area of need.

Women's Team

Our women are committed to each other and to pursuing God together. There are a number of ways that Women connect at Calvary, including:

- Women's Bible study
- Annual Women's Conference
- Embracing Threads
- Women's Prayer and Share

Men's Team

The Men's ministry team at Calvary is committed to seeing men step up to the high call that God has placed on our lives. We encourage each other at events like our Men's breakfast and our annual fall retreat. If you are up to the challenge of seeing the men at Calvary reach the high places of faith, join our team.

Outreach Team

One of the goals Calvary is striving toward and achieving is to be a church that unchurched people love to attend. Our Outreach team is key in making that goal a reality. We help people who have not yet been connected to church feel attracted to God. If you're passionate about seeing people join our faith family through creative and dynamic interactions, please consider joining the outreach team.

Event Teams

Flower City Work Camp

Each year, during the spring-break holiday week, dozens of churches around Rochester join together to bless our city with the work, words and love of Jesus Christ. Flower City is a whole church experience and we need hundreds of volunteers to pull off this amazing week of ministry. We need to provide site leaders for work projects, sports camp and kids clubs as well as people for food provision, home base security, nursing and much more.

For more information about Flower City Work Camp visit

Family Fun Day
Hopefully you've been able to enjoy the Family Fun Day tent service with us before. It is a great way to kick-off our fall ministry calendar and celebrate Jesus together as a faith family. This day takes a ton of work from dedicated volunteers who take care of all the set-up, clean-up, food prep and service, parking lot management, transitioning from church service to picnic, and manning the various food and fun stations at the picnic. If you love this event and can help in any way, you'll be making someone's experience at Family Fun Day one they will never forget.

School's Out Blow Out
After a long school-year of busyness, activity and successful ministry, it's time to celebrate. Our School's Out Blow Out event is that time of celebration. Food, worship, games, sports, inflatables and more. Help us celebrate by volunteering to serve for the entire night or just a half-hour block.

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Worship and Technical Arts

Our worship and technical team help create environments where others can worship God and grow in their faith.

Contact: Ben Longabaugh


If you've got the heart and talent to lead our church in God-focused and heart-felt worship, we would love to see what you have to offer. We have a constantly growing and changing worship team that is intent on seeing the people of our church experience the relentless love of God. We are always looking to grow our talent pool in these areas:
- Worship vocalist
- Worship choir
- Worship instrumentalist


Talented musicians and strong vocalists are only a part of making the worship experience something remarkable each Sunday. If the slides don't change, or the speakers squawk, it's going to distract from our time worshipping God. We need individuals willing to be trained and learn how to properly and attentively use our sound and computer systems. If you've got a good ear and keen eye, join our team. The time commitment is minimal and training is provided.

Ready to join our team?

Come as you are. You don’t have to dress up or pretend like you have it all together. We will meet for 65 minutes and in that time we will sing some songs about God’s love, have an engaging teaching that will encourage and challenge you, and participate in prayer that inspires you.

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